With over 100 years of experience building dependable appliances, Maytag has earned a reputation for quality that you can trust. When you choose their top-of-the-line home appliances, you can rest assured your investment will last thanks to rigorous testing procedures and premium materials that go into every product. If you’re searching for appliances that are built tough for daily use, look no further than Maytag for all your needs. Here are some of the many reasons why their appliances hold up so well over a long period of time. Don’t take our word for it. Many customers who purchase from us say they’ve been happy with Maytag products.

Innovation Guides Maytag Appliance Design

As an innovative pioneer in the appliance industry, the company remains on the cutting edge when it comes to integrating smart technology and user-friendly features into appliances for both home and business use. Their design philosophy focuses on harnessing innovation to simplify routines and enhance efficiency.

For example, their select refrigerators come equipped with built-in cameras and an app that allows you to check the contents remotely. Dishwashers feature advanced sensors to optimize every cycle, while ranges offer options like convection baking and air frying for restaurant-quality results. Maytag also integrates high-tech functions like steam cleaning, sanitization cycles, and WiFi connectivity into washers and dryers. With their finger on the pulse of emerging tech, you can count on Maytag appliances to take convenience and performance to the next level.

Energy Efficiency and Savings from Maytag Appliances

Operating appliances contribute significantly to utility bills, but they make it easy to reduce your environmental impact and cut down costs. Their commitment to energy-efficient design is evidenced across their product catalog, from EnergyStar-certified refrigerators to front-load washing machines that consume less water.

Advanced sensors and cycling options allow Maytag appliances to optimally adjust operations based on load size and other variables, translating to less energy expenditure. Over the 10-15 year lifespan of appliances, these savings add up significantly. Thus, going with Maytag not only benefits the environment but also your bottom line. Their eco-friendly appliances represent a smart investment in efficiency.

Commercial-Grade Durability and Performance in Every Maytag Refrigerator and More!

While renowned for household appliances, Maytag also offers rugged, reliable solutions for commercial settings like restaurants, offices, and laundromats. Their commercial appliances are specially engineered to endure high-volume usage while delivering optimal uptime.

For example, Maytag commercial refrigerators boast stainless steel interiors that are easy to clean and maintain. They also prioritize precise temperature control so perishables stay fresher for longer. Commercial washing machines feature heavy-duty construction and industrial-strength motors to power through heavy loads day after day. And Maytag commercial ice makers can swiftly generate the large quantities of ice needed to keep drinks cold.

By harnessing decades of commercial appliance experience, Maytag designs solutions purpose-built to thrive under heavy daily use and simplify ownership.

Maytag’s Laundry Appliances Help You Clean More than Ever!

From top-load and front-load washing machines to cutting-edge dryers, Maytag laundry appliances integrate the latest technology to make your clothes look their best while optimizing efficiency. Cycles and settings are specially calibrated to provide customized fabric care based on load contents.

For instance, the Maytag top load washer offers a PowerWash cycle that uses concentrated detergent and vigorous cleaning action to tackle your toughest stains. Steam options on dryers help refresh garments and reduce wrinkles. You’ll also find features like sanitization cycles, allergen removal, and WiFi connectivity for managing laundry from your smartphone. With their laundry expertise, Maytag appliances enable you to elevate your garment care.

Maytag Dishwashing Performance You Can Rely On

Maytag dishwashers combine potent cleaning power with quiet operation and efficient energy use. Their durable interiors easily accommodate large loads. Flexible racking systems let you optimize the wash for any mixture of plates, pots, pans, and utensils.

Advanced wash systems with targeted spray jets and filtration ensure a complete clean, while food disposers grind up scraps. Options like the Maytag Top Control dishwasher even allow you to customize each cycle via an electronic control panel. With their combination of convenience, adaptability, and cleaning muscle, Maytag dishwashers make quick work of dirty loads so you can get on with your day.

Ranges and Ovens Designed for Serious Home Chefs

Bring restaurant capabilities into your kitchen with Maytag ranges and ovens. From gas and electric cooktops to double-wall ovens, the company’s cooking appliances offer the flexibility and features to unleash your culinary skills.

Convection baking and air frying capabilities allow you to expand your recipe repertoire. Options like tri-ring burners and griddles offer specialized cooking zones. Digital temperature probes and meat probes enable precise monitoring so your dishes turn out perfectly. And smooth cooktop surfaces make cleaning effortless. With the power of Maytag ranges and ovens behind you, you’ll gain confidence in preparing everything from family favorites to gourmet masterpieces.

Innovative Refrigeration At Your Fingertips

Maytag refrigerators set the standard for convenience, efficiency, and food freshness. Options like the Maytag French door refrigerator optimize interior space with adjustable shelving and organizational systems like humidity-controlled crispers. Inner doors allow easy access to staples.

Touch screens and apps enable temperature adjustments and provide interior views, while built-in cameras let you peek inside anytime. Advanced filtration eliminates odors and keeps air clean, for fresher tasting food. And spill-catching shelves simplify cleanup. With their combination of high-tech features and purposeful design, Maytag refrigerators take food preservation to the next level.

Microwaves to Get the Job Done Fast

When you need to quickly heat up leftovers or defrost frozen foods, Maytag microwaves get the job done fast. Features like one-touch cooking take the guesswork out of preparing common dishes by automatically setting times and power. Built-in sensors automatically adjust cooking time based on the food type and quantity. And simplified programming lets you set cooking sequences for multi-step recipes.

Durable interiors resist stains and spills for easy wiping clean. From compact models to large-capacity ovens with convection capabilities, Maytag microwaves offer the ideal blend of speed, convenience, and strength.

Depend on Maytag for Appliances that Stand the Test of Time

After considering the many enduring benefits of this company’s outstanding line up of appliances, from innovative technology to commercial-grade durability, it’s easy to see why they represent wise long-term investments rather than mere purchases. With rigorous testing protocols and dedication to quality craftsmanship, Maytag produces appliances built to thrive for years even with regular use. Their excellent warranties provide further peace of mind.

So when selecting appliances that will simplify your routines for over a decade, trust in the Maytag name. Their unwavering commitment to performance, dependability, and efficiency shines through in every thoughtfully designed product. Rely on Maytag appliances for cooking, cleaning, and preserving food and you’ll gain a loyal companion for daily tasks that will last for years to come. Even if something goes wrong with your purchase, we’re here to help get your home appliance back in tip top shape. Check out our Maytag appliance repair services we offer and other crazy good deals we have at our store today!