Today we answer another common question people ask us. Should you buy a used appliance and if so, why? There’s plenty of valid reasons to consider buying used appliances vs new appliances. Let’s explore some of the biggest reasons in this post.

Benefits and Pros of Buying Used Appliances

Used appliances give you an upper hand when it comes to price negotiations. There are many working appliances that have minor dings and scratches and the sellers price them according to condition and brand. A used Samsung washer and dryer might be priced higher than a set from Amana or Kenmore.

Feel free to ask the seller about the price and if they’re willing to negotiate with you. Used appliance store owners love nothing more but to quickly sell their stock even if it means providing lower prices at sale.

Buying used also means you’re spending significantly less than buying new. Take for example a dryer from General Electric. You can probably buy one new for $600 or $700 somewhere like Home Depot, but at a used appliance store, you might be able to find a similar dryer in the $200-$400 price range instead.

With talk of an upcoming recession, even saving a few hundred dollars here and there can make a huge difference in your financial health.

There’s another advantage when buying used. Many smaller appliance stores provide their own warranties on whatever you buy. At our store, you get 30 to 90 day guarantees on everything you purchase, whether it’s used or new.

If the appliance you purchase from us has a problem within that timeframe, we’ll come and see what’s wrong and either fix it for you or swap it out for something in the same price range.

When you buy a new appliance from a big box retailer, you’re often stuck with the default manufacturer warranty, and we’ve heard many stories of newer appliances that just don’t last long as long as they should. Planned obsolescence is a big issue across the board, and appliances are not exempt from such a phenomenon.

Used Appliances and Impact on the Environment

We’ve discussed three main benefits of buying used appliances, but there’s another major reason to consider. Did you know that in the United States alone, up to 400 million electronics are thrown away annually? That’s right. Think about how much e-waste accumulates over the years without getting recycled or reused. While you can buy a new appliance which on paper is more energy efficient, it’s not enough to counteract the volume of e-waste in the US.

Do yourself a favor and consider buying a used appliance to save it from the fate of ending up in a landfill.

Used appliances, if maintained regularly, can last for several years to come. Plus, you’ll be doing your part to keep the environment from getting cluttered with junk. And your wallet will thank you too! Lowering your carbon footprint, conserving resources and buying from a reputable used appliance store that’s eco-friendly is your best bet for maximum savings! Plus, many of the brands we sell like LG, Whirlpool, and Samsung are all huge champions of making their products more environmentally friendly and listening intently on customer feedback.

Used Appliances Are Also Much Cheaper Than Buying New

One of the biggest reasons to buy used is to take advantage of the incredible savings you can find. If you go to a large name-brand appliance store, you will see a lot of top-notch products, but they are often very expensive, starting from $600 and heading towards the $2k-$3k range depending on the brand. We know from experience KitchenAid tends to be one of the most expensive and high-end of brands, along with Bosch, Wolf, and SubZero. At a used appliance store, you might get lucky and find a gently used version of the same appliances for a fraction of the price! What might have costed you over $3k at Best Buy could cost you less than $1500 at our store for example.

We also always sell our used inventory and appliances anywhere from $200 – $500. And with used washer and dryer sets, we price those so affordably your head will spin! Who says saving money can’t be practical? That’s how much we care about serving our customers here in Metro Atlanta and Doraville in particular. Same with Gwinnett County, Fulton County, and DeKalb County as a whole too.

What to Look for With Used Appliances?

We’ve established several reasons for you to buy used, but how do you spot a good bargain? First, you need to shop around several different outlets and get an idea of what the prices are.

Then, narrow down your choices and ask the seller to provide a demo of the used appliance before buying. At our store, we often do this first to reassure customers they’re in fact getting something that has been tested before the sale. Here are some the used appliances we currently have on sale at the store to illustrate our point:

why should you buy used appliances used refrigerator appliance

Inspect the appliance and look inside to make sure it has been cleaned. Don’t rush the process! This is a home appliance purchase, so you want to make sure that you’re getting what you paid for. Lastly, consider shopping locally, as we’ve discussed in our previous post.

You’re helping to give back to small business owners that need your support most. You can get really good deals from these kinds of businesses in the state of Georgia and elsewhere.

Conclusion – Shop Local If You Can and Get a Great Used Appliance Bargain Today!

Used appliances offer so many benefits. The cost savings are tremendous, and it might be one of the most environmentally friendly decisions you can make.

Just remember how good you’re going to feel when you check your wallet or purse and have plenty left over that can be used for other things in your life.

Visit our local appliance store today and save on all your favorite brands like Kenmore, LG, Fridigaire, Samsung and many others. We have a vast selection of used appliances, many of which are in the $200-$500 range depending on brand and condition. Our address is 6486 Buford Hwy NE Unit 5 Doraville, GA 30340. Thanks for reading! If you have any questions, check out our FAQ page for more information on our appliance store and what we offer to customers in the Gwinnett area. Thanks for your support!