LG is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of home appliances worldwide, offering innovative and technologically advanced products across a wide range of categories people wanna buy most.

From refrigerators and washing machines to air conditioners and TVs, the company aims to make life more convenient and comfortable for consumers. If you’re in the market for new or even used or scratch & dent appliances, here are some key reasons why LG is a brand worth considering for your home or business in 2023:

Unmatched Quality and Performance from LG Appliances

LG invests heavily in research and development to incorporate the latest technologies and features into its appliance lines and always striving to provide the best quality for money.

The company holds numerous patents and is renowned for its premium quality controls over their inventory and manufacturing processes.

As a result, their home appliances deliver exceptional performance, convenience and longevity, unmatched by many competitors in the industry.

The motors in their washing machines and refrigerators are incredibly durable yet energy efficient, saving you tons of money in the long run.

Those high-quality dishwashers produce sparkling clean dishes while using just a tiny bit of water and electricity, very impressive for major appliances they make.

The heating elements in ovens from the company heat quickly and evenly so you can be sure that roast turkey will cook evenly and not have salmonella or other harmful pathogens present when you sit down and enjoy the meal with the entire family.

From cooling and freshness preservation in fridges to fabric care technology in dryers, LG appliances are engineered for real-world effectiveness.

Cutting-Edge Smart Technology at a Decent Price You Can Afford

LG offers a wide array of smart appliances that can be monitored and controlled right from your smartphone. Using the intuitive ThinQ app, you can check the status of your washer cycle, preheat your oven, turn up the AC before getting home, and much more.

They are one of those companies that really understands how different appliances and smart features in your home can be integrated into a super smooth ecosystem.

LG’s smart fridges allow you to check what’s inside without opening the door, automatically reorder food that’s running low, and recommend recipes based on ingredients on hand.

Comes in handy for those days where you gotta rush to your nearest Publix or Kroger the night before to prepare that holiday feast or any other big meal you wanna share with your family or friends!

This connectivity and automation provides added convenience, while also allowing for remote troubleshooting and over-the-air firmware updates.

LG is constantly expanding its smart capabilities to simplify appliance use and maintenance, making them one of our top picks for appliance brands on the market today!

Stylish, Luxurious Designs

While performance is crucial, LG also realizes that appliances are part of your home’s aesthetics. That’s why they offer premium finishes and elegant designs that look great in any kitchen.

Their InstaView refrigerators have sleek glass panels that let you see inside with just two quick knocks. Contemporary styling and embedded LED lighting make a serious style statement.

LG laundry pairs also feature chic curved glass doors, nifty pedestals and smooth white, black or silver exteriors that complement modern decor. From a visual standpoint, LG appliances deliver form just as well as function.

Energy Efficient and Eco-Friendly and Better for Your Wallet Too!

An Energy Star certified LG appliance can cut your utility bills substantially compared to older, inefficient models. LG prioritizes energy savings alongside power and performance.

Their linear compressors allow fridges to cool using minimal energy, while their steam washers require far less water and electricity per load.

Smart sensors in LG air conditioners detect body heat and occupancy to determine the optimal temperature settings. Going beyond efficiency, many LG appliances utilize eco-friendly materials and manufacturing processes to reduce environmental impact.

The company is clearly committed to going green and that’s good news for anyone who cares about preserving the environment for future generation’s coming. LG has a super smart, forward thinking approach to solving real world problems.

Reliable Performance Backed by Warranties

LG stands behind their products, offering some of the best warranties in the appliance industry. Their washers, dryers, fridges and ranges typically come with 1-year labor/10-year parts warranties, while some models feature even longer coverage. This gives great peace of mind for major purchase investments so you feel like you’re purchasing something that will last for years to come.

And even when you buy something newer, LG appliances also hold their value pretty well, so expect to be able to sell them for a good price if you maintain them and keep everything clean!

In fact, if you’re interested in selling appliances to us, read our About Us page and Appliance Liquidation pages for more info!

Anyway, LG appliances have a reputation for reliability, with fewer service calls and malfunctions compared to many brands. But if any defect arises, LG’s network of certified technicians are readily available to diagnose and fix issues promptly. Between robust design and extensive warranties, LG delivers outstanding appliance longevity.

If they don’t give you the customer service you’re looking for, you can always bring them to our used appliance store, where we have several HVAC certified techs ready to diagnose the issue. We will then buy the replacement parts on your behalf and include this as part of the cost of repair. To learn more, check out our Appliance Repair page!

High Owner Satisfaction Ratings

Across online reviews and consumer surveys, LG earns very favorable satisfaction ratings from appliance owners.

Users praise the performance, convenience, style and durability of LG products across categories. Smart features and connectivity work seamlessly for most customers. Any technical problems are usually resolved satisfactorily by customer service.

Compared with brands like Samsung, Whirlpool and Frigidaire, LG garners higher overall owner satisfaction on average. While no company can please everyone, LG aims to provide an excellent overall experience that creates loyal, repeat customers.

The high praise they receive reflects this priority. What do other people have to say in the matter outside of ratings?

Well, Andrea of the Love Life Larson blog had this to say about her LG French Door Smart refrigerator, giving it nothing but high praise:

“There is a beeping noise that starts if the doors are left open to alert you. These doors are heavy because they hold the ice and have large compartments for condiments, etc. We have left the doors open often and the beeping is helpful!”

She loves her LG fridge because of the conveniently placed ice maker and wide visiibility, making it easy to clean and maintain long-term. If that’s not enough of an endorsement, we don’t know what else is!

Leading Innovations in Multiple Categories

LG does not rest on its laurels, consistently pushing innovations across multiple appliance categories. Their InstaView Door-in-Door and craft ice refrigerators deliver unique benefits. Their steam washers and Styler clothing refreshers stand out in laundry. LG is also a leader in air conditioners, cleaning appliances, home automation and more.

From ultra-HD TVs to voice-activated robot vacuums, LG strives to enhance homes through next-gen technology. For those seeking the latest, greatest features and performance, LG represents a top option. The company shows no signs of slowing down its ambitious product development.

Affordable Pricing for Premium Products

Despite premium engineering and industry-leading innovations, LG home appliances are competitively priced with mainstream brands. In fact, they often cost significantly less than luxury appliance makers.

This makes LG an appealing option for budget-conscious consumers not willing to sacrifice quality. We always recommend LG when our customers ask us for something with decent quality but a reasonable price.

Compared spec for spec with other reputable brands, LG generally provides greater value at each price point. Regular promotions and sales make their products even more affordable.

For the features, technology and prestige LG offers, their pricing remains remarkably fair and reasonable.

In Conclusion

With their commitment to quality, efficiency, innovation and value, LG offers some of the best and most advanced appliances available today.

From intelligently designed refrigerators to washing machines that gently clean clothes while saving water, the company aims to build appliances that truly enhance modern lifestyles. Their products deliver style, technology and reliability that justify the investment.

For your next appliance purchase, definitely consider going with a trusted industry leader like the one we’ve discussed today.

If you’re interested in buying open box and used LG appliances, visit our appliance store today! We’re right off I-285 and south of Jimmy Carter Blvd. We hope to see you soon!