Increasingly during these tough economic times, people want to get the cheapest deals they can on used appliance delivery. Often, it’s assumed that with free delivery, there isn’t much of a cost at all, but think again. Even with free appliance deliveries, a lot of care is still put into making sure that what you’re getting is going to work when it’s installed.

At our store, each appliance is thoroughly cleaned and then tested several times, even sometimes before the delivery is made. We want to make sure that what we sell doesn’t have any problems before the sale. And even if something we tested ends up not working as it should, we will still look and swap it out for something else if necessary within the same price range.

Here’s what to really expect from appliance deliveries in your local area.

Appointment Scheduling for Your Appliance Delivery

Here’s something a lot of people overlook when we deliver appliances to their area. First, they need to notify us what time they want to have the delivery made. Some of our customers opt for same day delivery, but even so, there must be a proper window where we can load everything onto our pick-up truck and make sure that invoices and other details have been sorted out. This takes a lot more time than you might believe. We must follow up with our customers through email and phone and ask even more specific questions about the building they’re in.

Some of our deliveries involve going up several flights of stairs, so we like to ensure that this is all noted for the delivery drivers, so they know what to expect.

So next time you ask yourself why we charge the prices we do for our inventory and delivery, this is one of them. We implore you to be patient during the process.

More on Our Appliance Prices and Delivery Charges

We’ve been experimenting in the last few weeks with delivery charges and prices and have a tiered system where the farther you live, the more is charged given the price of gasoline and the labor involved in getting everything set up correctly. Sometimes we waive the delivery fee altogether if you live close enough, but the installation and other things we do are already incorporated into the sticker price.

It’s not just the appliance itself you’re receiving. There are many overhead costs involved to make sure that we’re selling the best products we can. We don’t always get it right but try our best to learn from past mistakes and move forward. Our price range for used appliances is anywhere from $200-$500 depending on the brand, condition, and other factors. We’ve had customers come in before and ask why we don’t sell our stuff for say $50-$100 apiece. The answer is simple. There’s so much labor that goes into even cleaning the appliances for starters and all the pressure washing that’s done before hand.

Then we must see if the appliance even works, so we test them out several times for quality control. If something’s not working, then we have to take even more time to find out the serial number of the appliance we’re fixing and then order the replacement appliance part, which can take several days to arrive.

And this is all before we even think about putting any price tags on it and then spending even more money promoting our business online. There’s even more research involved with finding out how much that appliance would have cost originally and what retailers like Home Depot and Lowe’s are selling them for so we can figure out the most reasonable deal we can pass onto our customers.

With all this time and labor involved, there are even more costs, especially for the building itself we operate from and making sure that our monthly bills and rent have been paid. No building, no business internet, no appliance store. It’s really that straightforward. But that’s enough of that tangent, let’s continue to discuss the true expectations of your used home appliance delivery.

Appliances Can Be So Heavy!

Remember that you’re buying products that weigh on average between 100-200 pounds, sometimes even more! It takes a lot of muscle to get everything to your destination, ESPECIALLY if you live in an apartment or high-rise building. Often, we need to have more than one person just to transport your order and then make sure that nothing gets damaged along the way.

Because of this, the delivery can take anywhere from 1-2 hours and then we have to make sure we have brought the proper cables and hoses to connect everything. Sometimes the water pumps at the residences we go to aren’t working, so we have to replace those as well. You can now see where this is going. Heavy appliances plus various parts to install correctly and then the time it takes to get to your place of residence adds up. Delivery drivers and helpers need to be paid as well.

It’s like a second job on top of everything else our team works on.

Used Appliance Haul Away

Lastly, after your new or used appliance is installed, we haul away the old one and don’t charge any additional fees when you buy a replacement appliance from us. However, as a standalone service, rates start at $35 for smaller jobs. Even so, this part also can be time and labor intensive depending on what type of building you reside in. It’s not practical for the average person to do by themselves. That’s the whole point of buying from a used appliance store in the first place. There are professionals available who take care of these things for you. It’s another factor we consider when putting prices on our inventory. We consider everything that goes into providing the best service possible.


Used appliance delivery has many moving parts and isn’t the easiest job either. From the initial purchase to the final delivery and haul away, we are with you every step. While we try to provide the best deals we can, we also have it, so these costs are already part of the sticker price you pay. Sometimes, depending on distance, we even provide free delivery. But that’s because we’re able to go through the process and do a lot for you to be able to offer a washer or dryer at that price point.

This is what you should expect when paying for used appliance delivery. Come to our store and check out the variety of washing machines, dryers, refrigerators, and more. You can email us at or call 781-656-3475 to learn more about how you can save today!