Used & Open Box Washer & Dryers for Sale in Gwinnett County

Tired of the constant hum of a malfunctioning washer & dryer set? Frustrated with clothes that don’t dry completely? Suwanee Appliance Garage brings you the pinnacle of washing and drying technology right here in Gwinnett County from the brands you love most like LG, Samsung, Kenmore, and Whirlpool. Dive into a world where quality meets efficiency, and affordability is a given. We sell both used and new as well as open box appliances at our store, something for everyone!

Understanding Gwinnett County’s Needs for Used & Open Box Washer & Dryer Sets

In the heart of Georgia, Gwinnett County is more than just a location for us – it’s home. The vibrancy, the community spirit, and the unique requirements of its residents guide our used & open box washer & dryer selection. Whether you live in a bustling neighborhood of Lawrenceville or the serene lanes of Snellville, we’ve got a solution tailored for you when it comes to the purchase of used & open box washer and dryer sets.

Our inventory is vast and covers many major brands you love. In addition, we have in house guarantees from 30 to 90 days on all purchases. The guarantee is determined by the brand and condition of what we sell. Each washer & dryer is first cleaned with a strong pressure washer, often several times just to make sure. Then we find any scratches or imperfections and do our best to fix them before putting anything up for sale. This can take up much of the day by itself. Not to mention we then test the appliance to figure out what’s wrong and then order the replacement parts to fix them.

With washer and dryers, we use actual clothing and soap and check for other problems, especially water leaks, etc. Even with all these checks, we understand that something might happen at home and we might need to check things out once more. We’ve often swapped out bad washer/dryers for good ones, so don’t worry.

Used & Open Box Washer and Dryer Set Examples

These are some of the types of washer & dryers we usually put up for sale at our store. You have top load washing machines & dryers, stackable washer and dryers (also called front load washer and dryers). We usually have a lot of Samsung, LG, Amana, and Maytag washer and dryers in stock, but come visit our store to see our inventory in person. We also have many Whirlpool washing machines in stock. They are another popular brand that’s often sold out. The dryers from Whirlpool are also high quality, but the washers are always in most demand from our experience selling them here. It’s always updating and what might have been available a few days ago may have already been sold, so act fast!

Doing Laundry Doesn’t Have to Be Painful Anymore!

Now that you’ve seen some of what we usually sell at the store, you can be rest assured that you’re getting as good quality as possible when it comes to open box, discount, and used washer and dryer sets in Gwinnett County and Metro Atlanta. We are a family run business dedicated to providing the best quality we can and the most savings to you. You can also see above that we have a mix of used washer and dryers and even new ones with the original packaging on them still but at a discounted wholesale price. That’s because we work with suppliers who are able to get these appliances directly from major retailers and then we sell them at major discounts with our own sticker prices.

We offer delivery and installation as well as used washer & dryer repair services. Learn more about all the different options you have available as a customer when you shop today!

Advantages of Buying Used & Open Box Washer and Dryers

In many cases, you’re better off buying a used washer and dryer for several reasons. It’s a big win for the environment when you can buy something that still works fine just because another person wanted to update to something newer. Plus, who doesn’t want to save a bit of money in their pocket? When you work with us, you’re getting access to incredible savings and value. We want to give as much back to the community as possible in Gwinnett County, DeKalb County, and Fulton County respectively. These are once again the brands of washer and dryers we usually have in stock on sale.

  • Samsung 
  • LG 
  • Whirlpool 
  • Kenmore  
  • General Electric (GE) 

In conclusion, you are doing your wallet a huge favor by buying from a used appliance store in your area, especially one that’s family run and local to Gwinnett County and near DeKalb County.

Get Your Used Atlanta Appliance Repaired Today – Some of the Brands We Service!


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While many stores sell top-of-the-line appliances, do they have their own dedicated truck drivers with the latest GPS technology? Are these companies the ones with the most local connections to business owners, homeowners, and tenants in Gwinnett County and throughout Georgia? That’s what differentiates us from the competition. Also, we have staff that are also bilingual (English and Spanish), so we’re able to cater to a broader market than your traditional appliance vendor can. We have a track record of speedy, efficient used appliance delivery and are constantly working to improve our customers’ process.

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