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Looking to elevate your culinary skills or replace a worn-out oven, stove, or refrigerator? You’ve come to the right place. Our selection of discount kitchen appliances from renowned brands such as KitchenAid, LG, and Whirlpool ensures that you find the perfect fit for your kitchen and lifestyle, all within the Atlanta area. We are always updating our stock, finding the best used refrigerators, ovens, stoves, and microwaves. There’s a kitchen appliance for every occasion, used, open box, scratch & dent: you name it! Talk to our team today and see what we can do to keep your food fresher longer with our wide selection of refrigerators or our stove and ovens currently in stock, gas and electric.

Atlanta’s Go-To Destination for Quality Kitchen Appliances from a Family Run Business

Atlanta is more than just our business location; it’s our home and we’ve lived here for over 20 years. Because of this, we can better cater to your needs as a resident in the area, not to mention find you the best deals we can on kitchen appliances, even if we don’t have what you’re looking for in stock. From our experience, microwaves sell very quickly, so we’re always trying to find more of them to add to our collection. You tell us exactly what kind of kitchen appliance you want, and we’ll go above and beyond to get you what you need and then give you a price you can’t refuse.

We strive to meet the distinct requirements of our community, from those in buzzing downtown apartments to those in tranquil suburban homes in Fulton County. When it comes to kitchen appliances, we offer a blend of style, function, and value that resonates with Atlanta’s diverse background of people from all walks of life, whether you live in the suburbs or in areas like Brookhaven or Midtown Atlanta.

We got you covered and you’re free to stop by. Just get off the Spaghetti Junction on I-285 and take the exit leading to Buford Hwy and we are straight down on the right after you pass several auto shops. We are located two doors down from Little Farm Grocery if you ever get stuck. We started our business in Suwanee in Gwinnett County with a gigantic warehouse and had to move our physical store to Doraville, but it hasn’t stopped us from helping dozens of customers find the right kitchen appliance for them and being there whenever they needed us.

We help both English and Spanish speakers find exactly what they’re looking for at our store because we embrace diversity and the various cultures that make Atlanta so special and memorable. It’s a beautiful thing when people from different countries and backgrounds come together and buy exactly what they need and get a personalized approach that you can’t get when you shop at a big box retailer or even shopping for your refrigerator, dishwasher, or stove online.

Don’t forget to ask about our in-house guarantees on all the products we sell. We offer guarantees ranging from 30-90 days depending on the condition of the kitchen appliance you are purchasing. And we’ll be there if there’s a problem, ready to check out what’s wrong just in case or swap your purchase for something else. We are flexible and understand that even with as much testing as we do, sometimes things can still go wrong. We have HVAC certified technicians who can diagnose the issue and then we provide a free estimate. These are just the many services we have that make your kitchen appliance purchase in Atlanta so much better!

How We Find Good Atlanta Kitchen Appliances to Sell

Our variety of refrigerators, ovens, and stoves pass through a stringent quality check that includes deep cleaning with our pressure washers, detailed inspection, and essential repairs before we even put any price tags on them. Anything that’s not working is never up for sale, and if there is a problem with something that we sell you, please let us know ASAP so we can remedy the situation and make things right. We are a small business and customer feedback is crucial to helping us improve our operations so we can get better and better inventory available.

We plan to dramatically expand our scratch & dent inventory and partner with bigger companies and appliance wholesale outlets to get you the best deals possible. We encourage you to be patient as we continue to find more ways to get the word out to Metro Atlanta and beyond. All our products come with an in-house warranty, which varies from 30 to 180 days based on the brand and appliance condition.

Benefits of Choosing Discount Appliances in Atlanta

You need to look into updating your kitchen appliances for several reasons. After all, if you want to have the most modern aesthetic and function, then it’s probably time to consider looking into our inventory. And it’s good to try out something that could lower your energy bills or just as simple as keeping your food from spoiling is reason enough. You have to think about your well being and safety, so that’s another reason to consider shopping for kitchen appliances near you.

Experience what it’s like to have a family run appliance store go above and beyond to find exactly what you need! We’ll be waiting for you soon.

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Why Us?

While many stores sell top-of-the-line appliances, do they have their own dedicated truck drivers with the latest GPS technology? Are these companies the ones with the most local connections to business owners, homeowners, and tenants in Gwinnett County and throughout Georgia? That’s what differentiates us from the competition. Also, we have staff that are also bilingual (English and Spanish), so we’re able to cater to a broader market than your traditional appliance vendor can. We have a track record of speedy, efficient used appliance delivery and are constantly working to improve our customers’ process.

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