This year has been an exciting time for our business. From updating our systems to better facilitate more payment options to continuing to expand inventory, it’s been quite a ride. Here are some of the improvements and changes we have made to make your customer experience better.

1. More New Inventory Than Ever

Today, we have unboxed a ton of new washer and dryers and refrigerators that came in. Here’s some of what we now have at the store.

open box LG appliances atlanta

There are also several newer washer and dryers that are still in stock currently, mainly from Samsung.

2. Expanded Payment Options

As we resumed advertising in the Atlanta area again, more customers wanted easier ways to pay. We were losing customers whenever they wanted to pay for the higher priced refrigerators that are still in stock, for example.

With our new POS system, it’s been easier than ever to offer these options. We have even accepted payments over the phone as a result. This is all possible because of the business internet we now have once again at the store. As a stop gap, we were mainly accepting cash up to this point and experimenting with charging via credit cards through invoicing but found that very cumbersome to use.

Harbortouch / Shift4 was another one we experimented with last year, with even worse results. The receipt printers were constantly breaking, and it was even more expensive to use. In fact, even when not in use, there was a monthly fee to worry about. Long gone are those hassles here at the store.

3. Backlog of Blog Comments Approved

After a few months, we were getting so many comments on the blog and people asking us about our inventory. There was also a boatload of spam that was coming in for a while. But now, those comments have been approved and we are committed to providing better service overall. We have responded to as many comments as possible. Our email is active again as well which was out for about two weeks back in April 2024.

4. Other Future Plans

For now, we continue to operate in Doraville, but please check back as we might open a warehouse in the future among other plans to maintain the brand. If anything major happens, we will post appropriate updates not only here, but on Google and Facebook respectively.

5. Inventory on the Website Updated

Another point of confusion for customers was our inventory page had not been updated in a while. That’s been taken care of now with those old pages left up with “Out of Stock” on them. We get so much inventory weekly that most of our customers walk in to see for themselves what is available.


2024 has been a good year for the business overall with our continued emphasis on marketing and sales. There have been some challenges to overcome as always, but compared to where we were in 2023 with much lower monthly revenue, we are at a more stable time in the life of the business thanks to all the support we have received from customers in Gwinnett County and all over Atlanta. We appreciate your business and will continue to provide updates and resume posting on the blog.