It might be tempting to go and give your hard-earned money to a larger chain store in the area. But we’re here to dispel people’s myths about local appliance shops. Whether you’re looking for the best appliance deals money can buy, we understand you’re looking for options. In this post, we go over the top 10 reasons why buying from a larger appliance chain store might not be the best idea for the long run.

1. Many Appliance Chain Stores Don’t Offer as Many Services

Many large appliance chain stores don’t have as wide of a range of services available compared to us. They are mainly interested in selling appliances to you, and that’s it. They might offer warranties as well, but do they offer appliance installation services, repair services, and many other services? Maybe, maybe not. But even if they did, you’re not really going to have as good of a relationship with them. At our store, we always try to listen and understand the needs of our customers the best we can. We don’t always get it right, but we own up to our mistakes when it does happen.

Plus, we’re easy to reach by phone, email, or social media. There are no middlemen involved because you can come straight to us if you ever have any questions or concerns.

2. Lower Prices Are Available at Smaller Mom and Pop Appliance Shops

Let’s face it. These larger chains have to make a profit. There’s much more pressure to sell in bulk, so you’ll be paying more even if they say they offer their stuff at a lower price. With tons of stores in their network, there’s also much more pressure to sell at all costs. Customer service becomes less of a concern with places like this. So if you read between the lines and do more research, you’ll find plenty of horror stories of customers who have dealt with rude people and have even been told to pay up to get additional warranty. That’s not something we’d ever do here at the store.

Everything you get comes with some guarantee, usually from 30, 60, or 90 days, depending on the condition of what you purchase from us! You do not have to pay extra for any of this. You only pay $50 minimum for delivery and installation. That’s it. And this is to keep our drivers and helpers happy! When you go into our store, we also are transparent with the prices and will work with you.

We’ve chronicled our struggles with this business in the past as well. It’s been a gradual improvement process, continuing to add more inventory, keep the store clean, and more. But it’s these learning experiences that have kept us humble in the game and stand out against the rest.

3. Less than Honest Appliance Store Reviews

Since these bigger chains have many more resources at their disposal, it’s also possible for some puff-piece reviews to slip in when you’re looking at their Google My Business pages. It’s a common practice, so when you look at our reviews, they are genuine and from real customers. We don’t pay anyone to write reviews on our behalf. We’d rather have a handful of reviews than potentially manipulated ones. Be very careful with what you read on the internet, and perform your due diligence. We have also seen smaller appliance stores in other cities in Georgia prefer this approach. They don’t have many reviews, but you can tell they’ve been around longer and are local to Georgia. That’s the difference, and no big chain store can ever compete on that level!

We’ve had countless people come from far and wide to buy from our store, even from service areas we don’t target, so we have to be doing something right!

4. You Can Come Directly to Us if Your Appliance Is Having Problems

Regardless of whether you bought your appliance from Best Buy, Sears, or any competing chain in Atlanta, or even other appliance stores, we’d be happy to take a look and fix them. We’re not just a used appliance store, but we offer a full range of appliance repair services. It’s like a one-stop shop for everything you might need. That’s what separates us from the rest here in Atlanta. We have lived in Atlanta for over 20 years now, and that’s not gonna change any time soon. We know Gwinnett County like the back of our hand, and have made dozens of deliveries in DeKalb and Fulton Counties too. We’ve even made a delivery recently in Dawsonville of all places, a little bit out of our service area!

That’s the level of dedication we bring to the table you can’t find at other places.

5. We Are Here Everyday Sunday to Saturdays

Even after business hours, we do respond to business inquiries. That’s right. Whether it be email or phone, we are here for you if you ever have a problem. Other places might try to copy our business hours, but they can never offer this much dedication to wanting to help you. That’s why we are the real deal in this space and why more and more people keep coming to us for their needs.

6. More Convenient Location

We are strategically located near I-285, one of the busiest hubs in the Atlanta area. We are smack dab in the middle of Gwinnett County and DeKalb County, so our reach is further than it ever was before. That’s why we’re able to do the deliveries we do frequently. It goes back to our longevity here in Atlanta as residents ourselves. Being in touch with the local community matters to us most and giving back whenever we can.

7. Appliance Delivery Screw Ups with Chain Stores

Here’s another common issue you’ll run into with bigger chains in your area. Look at this horror story by a Reddit user for more context:

“LOL I bought a gas range from Best Buy a few years ago. Delivery date comes and goes, they still have my money, no range. I call and they said they were out of stock with no idea when or if they would come in. It took another week and a half of runaround before I could get my refund and buy the range elsewhere.

There’s no way I would buy anything large or prepaid from them again.”

This happens more than you think. Sometimes these places don’t have enough inventory, so they push the delivery dates and fail on their promises. You’re not going to run into any of that here. When we say that we’re gonna make a delivery, we do it. If there are any scheduling conflicts, we’ll also let you know! Working with you is paramount to our success. When you win, we win! It’s that simple.

8. Third Party Delivery Services Are Used with Chain Appliance Stores

To double down on point #7, this is why people have so many problems buying from these big box retailers. They outsource the deliveries to third parties like Lasership who are notorious for providing subpar customer service. Understandably, these companies must save money, but to us, it’s ridiculous to go that far. You’d think they would already have their own in-house group of people who make deliveries, but they don’t! Penny-pinching tactics that result in worse service for the customers. Disgusting!

9. You Can Look at Our Inventory for Yourself

That’s another reason you shouldn’t immediately purchase from a larger appliance chain. You have less flexibility in being able to properly look at everything and then have someone at the store test it for you. We encourage you to take your time and look at everything we have to offer. Feel free to stop by and return when you’re ready to purchase. Much of the time, people come in and look around first and then do price comparisons before deciding. It’s all part of the buyer’s journey regarding used appliance purchases. It’s like buying a car. You need time to ensure that you’re making the right decision before you sink money into a home appliance.

10. You’re Supporting the Community

We care about supporting the community, and you’re also doing so when you shop directly from us. All the money we get helps us improve our operations, pay down overhead, and keep the business going. That’s the most honest thing anyone in the used appliance space will tell you. We only started to make consistent revenue and profit in the last few months, and there’s still a long way to go. Everything helps us improve and continue to make the chain stores shake in their boots. We’ve even observed them trying to change their business hours to match ours! Enough said. It’s more imperative than ever that you support a business like ours instead.

Let’s Address the Pro Appliance Store Chain Arguments

While there are many downsides to appliance store chains, we do admit that sometimes they do have a wider selection compared to local appliance stores. Some of them even have online ordering and quick delivery options. But you must remember: what are the trade-offs to buying from a larger chain store?

Can you actually visit their location? Many of these places don’t even have a physical address you can go to whenever you have issues.
Can you call them directly and cut out the middleman? Unfortunately, you’ll be dealing with a lot of automotated customer service and could take you longer to find someone to talk to if you have a problem.
Are they transparent that they are selling returned appliances? We’ve seen some of these appliance stores sell their returns and don’t clearly disclose that these are on clearance. Customers need to know this information! That’s why at our store, we tell you upfront which appliances are gently used, used, or are open box.

These are some of the many reasons while chain appliance stores can offer lots of convenience, what you’re giving up in return might not be worth it in the end.


Big box stores and appliance chains can be decent options, but there are a lot of these places that don’t have your best interests. Please proceed cautiously when buying from them and support a local business instead. Come to our appliance store today in the Atlanta area for maximum savings and great deals on used, new, scratch and dent, and refurbished appliances today! Contact us for more information. Thank you for reading today!