Used Appliance Delivery & Moving Atlanta, GA

We have the best used appliance delivery in Suwanee, Gwinnett, and Metro Atlanta. For more information, call us at 678-580-3025!

Best Used Appliance & Home Delivery in Atlanta, GA

Whether you want to freshen up your kitchen or dining room or give other areas of your home or apartment an overhaul, we are here for you. Even though we sell used appliances, we try to ensure that they live up to our highest standards. Each of our appliances are thoroughly cleaned before delivery.

We have a 90 day guarantee on all repairs, purchases, including parts and labor! We have a highly qualified team of delivery experts with tons of experience with local and long distance home deliveries in the Metro Atlanta area. Plus, with their sheer strength and numbers, we guarantee that the job will be done to your satisfaction.

More than Just Used & Like New Appliance Delivery

Our goal is to not only deliver your order promptly but that we can have your business for the long run. It’s not just about buying that dryer you need now. We know that in the future, you might need other appliances as you see fit.

When we deliver, we genuinely have, and that’s what keeps our customers coming back for more because they know we offer the most affordable deals in town.

Who We Deliver To in Gwinnett and DeKalb County?

Our customers come from vast occupations and backgrounds. We often deliver to residences but have made lots of commercial deliveries too. It doesn’t matter to us as long as you have a pressing need for quality used appliances. Our professionals know a lot about each product and brand we handle, so if you have any questions or concerns, feel free to reach out.

What Kinds of Used & New Appliances Do We Deliver?

We make sure to get our inventory to working order. From rigorous inspection to deep cleaning, we know how important it is to have a product that will work out of the box from day one. There’s also a variety of appliances we usually deliver to your home and business including:

– Washers
– Dryers
– Heaters
– Air Conditioning (AC) Units
– TVs
– Ovens
– Dishwashers
– Toasters
– Refrigerators

And we continue to find better ways to get these appliances out to you in a timely manner. We also have experience in appliance moving from one home or business to another. Just let us know when you would like us to help. The best part is where we get much of our inventory. We are partnered with reputable companies such as Ashley Furniture and Costco.

We also haul away any used appliances you don’t want anymore and then fix them up, so they can be reused and saved from being thrown in the dumpster. That’s a company you can rely on, dedicated to preventing all kinds of e-waste!

Suwanee Appliance Garage Inc is a subsidiary of Severino Enterprises LLC, our home delivery and trucking company specializing in home delivery and appliance installations!

Why Us?

While many stores sell top-of-the-line appliances, do they have their own dedicated box truck drivers with the latest GPS technology? Are these companies the ones with the most local connections to business owners, homeowners, and tenants in Gwinnett County and throughout Georgia? That’s what differentiates us from the competition. Also, we have staff that are also bilingual, so we’re able to cater to a broader market than your traditional appliance vendor can.
We have a track record of speedy, efficient used appliance delivery and are constantly working to improve our customers’ process.

Need Help?

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