Whirlpool Appliance Repair Atlanta: Let Us Diagnose the Issue Fast!

Whirlpool is a giant among appliance brands. They are some of our best sellers whether used or new. Customers consistently find their products to be among the best and most sought after when shopping. That’s why it’s so disheartening when a Whirlpool washer or dryer breaks down and it’s time to see who can fix it right in the Atlanta area. Not to worry! We have Whirlpool appliance repair services ready to go, headed by seasoned technicians with years of HVAC experience. We know what commonly goes wrong with Whirlpool appliances and what OEM parts to use to get them working right again.

Why is Whirlpool Considered One of the Best Used Appliance Brands in Atlanta?

When you think of Whirlpool products – you think of quality and reliability. They should be at the very top of your list when considering purchasing a new refrigerator or washer or dryer. Whirlpool has a diverse set of products targeted towards a variety of different people and offer some of the manufacturer warranties in the business. Of course, we have our own in house guarantees as well for the Whirlpool appliances we sell in Metro Atlanta, whether they be used or scratch & dent inventory. The refrigerators Whirlpool makes are also incredibly high quality and built to last for years to come with the proper maintenance.

Don’t you want your Whirlpool appliance to last longer? Then reach out to one of us and we’ll diagnose the problem ASAP. We will test the appliance in store and then give you a free estimate on the cost of repairs, including parts and labor. Then within a few days or a week depending on the availability of replacement parts, your appliance will be ready for pick up, all ready to go.

We are 100% Local and Easy to Find in Metro Atlanta

Gwinnett County is our home, and we help so many customers in the area, but if you live in Fulton County or DeKalb County, then we can help you too. Send us an email or call us if you have a Whirlpool appliance that needs to be looked at by our team of appliance repair techs. We have appointment scheduling available online where you can describe exactly the problem you’re having, and where to pick up your appliance that’s acting up. Maybe the water pump doesn’t work anymore and needs a replacement for example. Or maybe the refrigerator isn’t making ice the way it should. Or worse! There are leaks all over the floor. Not good.

We get how disheartening it is when even the best of the appliance giants has a problem or is getting old. Here are some of the things we can look at for you for your Whirlpool appliance!


Whirlpool Appliance Repair Services Near Me

Here are some of the most common problems we look at with Whirlpool appliances and what we do to fix them for you:

1. Whirlpool Ice Maker Repair Atlanta

This is a common problem we see with refrigerators we get sent to fix. Usually the ice maker doesn’t work at all or isn’t producing as much ice at it should. We can take a look to see where the problem is and if we have to replace the control board, we will and let you know how much it will cost.

2. Whirlpool Refrigerator Repair Atlanta

There’s other things that could go wrong with your Whirlpool refrigerator. We check for any noises or leaks and then develop a plan to mitigate the problem before it’s too late. We also test for any error codes and make an appropriate diagnosis of what’s going on.

3. Whirlpool Washer & Dryer Repair Atlanta

If your Whirlpool washer & dryer is having trouble starting or your clothes aren’t getting dried well enough, it’s time for one of our HVAC certified technicians to investigate. Our turnaround times are anywhere from a few days to up to a week, but we usually try to work as fast as possible to get your Whirlpool washer & dryer back in working order. Don’t wait to get your free estimate today!

4. Whirlpool Stove & Oven Repair Atlanta

A common problem with Whirlpool ovens and stoves is when they run too high or too low. Either way, it’s bad for the quality of your food and could make you sick! Don’t wait until the problem gets worse. Speak with our licensed appliance repair technicians today to offer the solution you’ve been waiting for!

These are some of the many repair services we have for your Whirlpool appliances in Metro Atlanta.

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