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How to Pick the Best Used Appliance in Lawrenceville, GA

Before you go ahead and make any purchases, we encourage you to perform your due diligence. Research all the different brands out there first and check the reviews especially. Start with the more critical reviews and work your way up. Never blindly buy a product without knowing the ins and outs of what other customers have experienced.

Once you have all this information, come and see the product you’re looking for in person before deciding. Don’t feel pressured to buy on the spot until you are fully confident that you will be getting what you’re paying for.

Reliable, Clean, and Fast

Our customers are the ones always searching for the best deals on used appliances. They want something that will be functional for the long term and are willing to pay for quality. Just because the product is used doesn’t mean that there’s no longer any value associated. When we acquire our TVs, refrigerators, and washing machines, each is inspected and given a deep clean. If there’s anything broken or amiss, we replace the broken parts to get the appliances back in working order. Then the savings are passed down, and in case a device doesn’t work, we have services available to repair them long after the selling/order date.

Be sure to contact our experts to find out what our deals are in Metro Atlanta. Once you have found the dryer or freezer you want, reach out to us, and we will place an order on your behalf.

Why Are Used Appliances in Lawrenceville Such a Great Deal?

With a turbulent economy and a volatile housing market, people’s priorities are shifting. It’s no longer about trying to buy the flashiest, brand spanking new items on the market. People are looking to save as much as they can to put that money towards other investments.

Buying used, or open-box presents many opportunities to get a working product that would have otherwise costed so much more new at the time. Think about the hundreds or even thousands of dollars you can save just by buying used instead of going out to a vendor, enrolling in one of their financing plans, and potentially paying a tremendous amount of interest in APR financing, and for what price?

It just doesn’t make much sense to be spending all your hard-earned cash into products that could depreciate heavily in value over time. You might as well buy used, save some of that money and use it for other things you’ll need for your home or business.

What Kinds of Products Do We Sell?

Each appliance we have on offer has been inspected and repaired to our high standards. We usually sell items such as television sets, dishwashers, freezers, dryers, and refrigerators, to name a few. Finding the right appliance is already daunting as is, so we’ve taken a lot of that struggle out of the equation to bring you a simplified selection of products you need the most. That’s a guarantee from Suwanee Appliance Garage and our partners. To learn more, we encourage you to check our Products page for all the brands we currently sell.


Why Suwanee Appliance Garage?

While many stores sell top-of-the-line appliances, do they have dedicated box truck drivers with the latest GPS technology? Are these companies the ones with the most local connections to business owners, homeowners, and tenants in Gwinnett County and throughout Georgia? That’s what differentiates us from the competition. Also, we have staff that is also bilingual, so we’re able to cater to a broader market than your traditional appliance vendor can.

We have a track record of speedy, efficient used appliance installations with the top brands such as General Electric, Samsung, and Whirlpool.

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