If you’re in the market for a new refrigerator in 2024, you’ve probably come across KitchenAid models and seen the premium price tags. You may be wondering, are these luxury fridges worth it compared to more affordable options? Or are you just paying for the brand name?

We personally love selling KitchenAid refrigerators at our used appliance store in Atlanta. Here’s an example of an open box one we’ve sold in the past:

kitchenaid refrigerator we sold in 2023

Well, folks, we’re here to give you the inside scoop on why investing in one of these bad boys can be well worth the money in the long run. KitchenAid consistently tops the charts for owner satisfaction and reliability, and there are some good reasons why, as you’ll find out below with our take. With that said, let’s dive in:

Built to Outlast Lesser Models

To start, KitchenAid doesn’t take any shortcuts when it comes to materials and construction. They use commercial-grade stainless steel and cold-rolled steel so thick you can see why these babies weigh so much. This stuff is built to take a beating, even if you were to drop them somewhere, like a tall building. That’s how durable their home appliances are. It’s not just us saying this either. Lauren Savoie of Business Insider had this to say herself:

“KitchenAid mixers can last for decades because of their strong metal parts. While this stronger construction comes at a premium — KitchenAid mixers are among the most expensive out there — their durability makes them a great investment.”

Other KitchenAid customers say after over a decade, their KitchenAid still looks and runs like the day it was made. No dents, dings, or rust to speak of. You’re making a lifelong investment here, not buying a disposable appliance.

Packed with Plenty of Clever Storage Solutions

You won’t find any wasted space in a KitchenAid refrigerator – used or new. Their fridges have adjustable, spill-proof tempered glass shelves to fit everything just right. You get specialized storage like humidity-controlled produce drawers, adjustable door bins, and slide-out trays and baskets so you don’t lose food way in the back. You can rest assured that your home appliance purchase with such a recognized, premium brand will last for many years to come.

The intelligent designs make accessing and organizing your fridge a cinch. And the rounded corners and LED lighting make it easy to keep your fridge sparkling.

Advanced Cooling Tech Saves You Plenty of Money!

KitchenAid packs its fridges with advanced sensors and variable speed compressors that finely tune cooling as needed. This precision temperature management means your food stays fresher longer. Gone are the days where you’re worrying about how long even a carton of eggs from Wal-Mart will last. We’ve all been there.

Dual evaporators prevent odor transfer between the fridge and freezer. And you get energy-saving modes like Sabbath mode to disable lights and displays on religious days. Bottom line – you enjoy money savings without sacrificing top-notch cooling.

Flush Integrated Style

While KitchenAid fridges are available as freestanding models, their built-in collections let you achieve a unified, seamless look. Their column-style fridges give you optimal flexibility for a true custom built-in feel.

For a perfectly flush fit, there are counter-depth models that align with your counters. And with panel-ready options, you can blend the fridge into cabinetry for a hidden look. However you imagine your dream kitchen, KitchenAid offers the fittings to make it happen. Their offerings are super flexible and in tune with even the most demanding of home appliance consumers in our book.

Reliability that’s Off the Charts

Here are some cold hard facts for you – KitchenAid earns top ratings for reliability from both technicians and owners alike. In extensive surveys, KitchenAid ranked #1 in needing the fewest repairs of any major brand according to surveys from JD Power and Associates. We’re talking a fraction of service calls compared to other fridges out there and greater peace of mind for you and your hard-earned savings!

These babies are built to perform for years with minimal maintenance. So you enjoy peace of mind along with cool air and ice cubes. What more could you want? Now that’s what we call true value for money, especially if you’re worried about things like planned obsolescence or your appliance not lasting beyond 8 months like we’ve seen people complain with Samsung appliances in one of our earlier posts here on the blog.

Loaded with Prized Features

Let’s run through some of the handy features that make KitchenAid stand out:

  • An exterior PrintShield finish that easily wipes clean of smudges and fingerprints
  • Soft-close doors and drawers that glide smoothly shut every time
  • Auto-fill water dispensers with built-in water filtration
  • Full-extension freezer drawers for easy access
  • Interior cameras so you can see inside from your phone
  • Humidity-controlled crisper drawers to keep produce fresh
  • Adjustable slide-away shelving that fits everything just right
  • Sleek pro-style handles and finishes for a built-in look

Choices Galore from a Trusted Home Appliance Manufacturer

With one of the largest model selections around, KitchenAid offers a size and configuration for every kitchen. Top freezer, bottom freezer, side-by-side – they’ve got ‘em all. Choose from standard, counter-depth, and column fridges.

And with custom exterior colors like cobalt blue, emerald green, and matte white, you can get a fridge that reflects your personal style. You’ll have no trouble finding a KitchenAid tailored to your exact space and tastes.

The Investment Pays Long-Term Dividends for Your KitchenAid Home Appliance Savings

There’s no denying KitchenAid models come at a premium. But most owners say the years of service and convenience provide enduring value that makes the investment worthwhile.

Between flawless cooling, organized storage, and fuss-free reliability, KitchenAid delivers a luxury ownership experience that saves you from having to replace cheaper units every 5-10 years.

So if you’re searching for the cream of the crop in refrigeration, be sure to check out KitchenAid’s line of refrigerators. One glimpse of these beauties will help you see what sets premium brands apart.

When you want a fridge to stand the test of time, KitchenAid has the sleek style, intelligent features, and commercial-grade construction to fit the bill. No wonder owners can’t stop raving about them!

Well there you have it, friends! Let us know if you have any other questions on these refrigerator rockstars and if you’re interested in buying one of them, you’re in luck.

At Suwanee Appliance Garage, we’re always getting new stock, especially from the brands you love most. Whether you want them used or new, we try to accommodate as many people’s needs as possible. We’re happy to help you find the perfect fit for your kitchen and budget. If you have a KitchenAid home appliance that needs fixing, we have appliance repair services in Atlanta available too. Stay cool, and keep in touch!

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