Used appliances offer incredible value, especially for our customers looking for unbeatable deals in the Metro Atlanta area. When it comes to conserving energy and being better for the environment, it’s hard to pass up a good used appliance deal in your area. They also cost a fraction of brand-new models you’d find at big box stores, have an old-fashioned feel to them depending on which one you buy, and prevent perfectly usable machines from ending up in the landfill. You’re essentially doing yourself and the environment a huge favor and will reap the benefits of buying used and local.

However, pre-owned and gently used appliances require specialized care and maintenance compared to new models. Without proactive upkeep, they’ll break down faster, operating inefficiently while racking up costly repair bills. We don’t want this to happen to you, so we’ve written this how to guide on maintaining used appliances for your reading pleasure!

At Suwanee Appliance Garage, we often receive questions from customers about properly maintaining their used refrigerators, ovens, electric and gas ranges, dishwashers and more. That’s why we’ve put together this comprehensive guide. Follow these tips and you’ll extend your used appliance’s lifespan by years, saving money and benefiting the environment in one fell swoop!

General Used Appliance Maintenance Tips for Consumers

Here are several overarching strategies that apply across used appliance types you purchase. You will learn a lot from applying these tips yourself. If you ever need help, please let us know!

Thorough Cleaning Prevents Breakdowns

Dirt, grime, and residue accumulate surprisingly fast inside appliances, even if you can’t see them. Left unchecked, they hinder airflow, trap moisture and gunk up components and shorten the useful life of your used appliance. That’s why a deep clean every 3-6 months is crucial for long-term maintenance success. Refer to your owner’s manual for step-by-step instructions tailored to your specific model. Look for the serial number and model number on whatever appliance you have, such as here:
appliance maintenance serial number

Then what you can do is take the serial and model number look it up on Google and then find your specific appliance. It’s possible to see if the manufacturer has pages on the one you’re having problems with and then see if they provide any instructions.

For especially dirty exteriors and interiors, there are several cleaners we recommend. For us, we always use Weiman Stainless Steel Cleaner or Lysol. You can also use cleaners such as Affresh to keep your used appliances as clean as a whistle.

Just spray it on, let it sit for 5 minutes maximum, then wipe away the residue with a damp microfiber cloth. Cleaners like these have a non-abrasive formula that cuts through baked-on grease and limescale quickly, getting into nooks and crannies with ease. You don’t have to work your hands to the bone when you have powerful cleaners like this you can use instead!

Inspect for Issues During and After Cleaning

While cleaning your used appliance, stay vigilant for potential problems. Look for any wear and tear on the cables and other components that power your appliance. Also examine power cords, hoses and door seals for any cracks and wear. Check components like heating elements, hardware, and thermostats for corrosion or damage. Look for any discoloration near the electronic parts like clocks if you’re dealing with electric or gas range and clean those thoroughly and with caution.

Make sure to test your appliance once you’re done cleaning. For example, allow your refrigerator to run for 24 hours then verify the interior temperature reached appropriate coldness. Catching issues now prevents bigger headaches later and leaves more money to spare.

Embrace Energy Efficiency in Used Appliance Maintenance

Used appliances, especially older models, guzzle exponentially more energy than new, efficient ones when left on constantly. You’ll save serious cash on monthly electricity bills through conscientious usage habits and upgrades:

• Operate appliances during off-peak hours
• Enable energy saver modes
• Install smart plugs that track consumption
• Swap out incandescent oven/fridge bulbs for LEDs
• Upgrade seals, hoses, valves and insulation

Follow these used appliance maintenance tips and you’re guaranteed to get several more years out of your purchase!

Pro Tips For Maintaining Specific Used Appliances

Maintaining common used appliances comes with unique considerations. Here’s tailored guidance for refrigerators, ovens, dishwashers and washing machines:

Used Refrigerator Maintenance

• Clean dust-trapping condenser coils monthly with a vacuum or brush to improve airflow
• Replace water filters as directed to keep water and ice clean
• Regularly wipe away moisture buildup inside to prevent mildew and smells
• Test door seals annually by closing a dollar bill inside – if it slides out easily, the seals need replacing

Used Oven Maintenance

• Deep clean the oven interior + exterior every 3-6 months
• Use oven cleaner on stuck-on spills – let sit overnight before scrubbing
• Annually confirm oven temperature dial matches interior temp with an oven thermometer
• Replace worn-out oven racks, broiler pans, heating elements and interior lights as needed

Used Dishwasher Maintenance

• Remove food particles and de-lime dishwasher spray arms monthly
• Clean out accumulated gunk from the drain pump filter after every 30 cycles
• Prevent soap buildup by using dishwasher-safe rinsing aids
• Fix pooling water issues by adjusting leveling legs underneath

Used Washing Machine Maintenance

• Clean the lint trap before every load
• Balance loads correctly and use lower spin speeds for quieter operation
• Inspect hoses and pipes for leaks annually and make sure to replace degraded rubber ones as well
• Descale mineral buildup inside drums yearly using white vinegar

Helpful Used Appliance Maintenance Resources

Wondering where to find appliance manuals, diagnostic guides and replacement parts? Here are fantastic free resources:

• Search for your appliance manual on
• Consult’s troubleshooting articles and repair videos
• Find compatible replacement parts on
• Check local used appliance stores like us for specialized assistance!

A few smart used appliance maintenance practices go a long way. But when issues arise beyond your repair capabilities, don’t hesitate to call in the professionals, like the ones we have working at our store. We’ll diagnose problems accurately and suggest cost-effective solutions to restore functionality.

Maintaining Used Appliances: Myths vs Facts

We occasionally hear questionable claims about maintaining used appliances. Let’s separate fact from fiction:

Myth: Used appliances inevitably break down more frequently.
Fact: With proper proactive maintenance, used appliances operate reliably for years.

Myth: Only new replacement parts work in old appliances
Fact: Many manufacturers still supply original replacement components for discontinued models. Third-party parts manufacturers also fill availability gaps.

Myth: Professional repairs cost more than the used appliance is worth.
Fact: Our expert technicians leverage quality aftermarket parts to restore appliances cost-effectively.

Myth: Newer appliance models are built better.
Fact: Brand-new appliances break down far more often than older ones designed for fixability and longevity!

Let Our Metro Atlanta Team Help Extend Your Appliance Lifespan

I hope these used appliance maintenance tips give you the confidence to tackle basic upkeep yourself. But if you ever get stuck diagnosing an issue, Suwanee Appliance Garage offers friendly, honest, and affordable repair services performed by HVAC-certified technicians in the local area.

We also buy and sell quality refurbished appliances with generous 30 to 90-day guarantees so you can upgrade affordably.

Contact us anytime for practical maintenance advice or contact us if you need your appliance repaired ASAP. We service used appliances from much of Metro Atlanta, Gwinnett County, DeKalb County, and certain parts of Fulton County too! Thanks for reading and we hope you continue to check back for more content like this.