Here at Suwanee Appliance Garage, we not only sell used, open box, and even new appliances but use them ourselves for practical everyday cooking tasks. We test them, so you don’t have to! Recently, we’ve been writing a lot about Hotpoint here on the blog. After about a week’s use of this electric range from Hotpoint, we have a lot to say. There are a lot of positives, but there’s one flaw that holds it back from being a top contender in the arena of favorite kitchen appliances and electric ranges.

Find out more in this Hotpoint electric range review!

Very Easy and Simple to Use

When you get this electric range, it’s pretty old-school, but in a clean, modern way. You have your standard knobs, bells and whistles, an oven with a very visible light, and other essentials you’ll need. Yes, it’s not the fanciest electric range you get for the money, but it has just enough of the basics where you’ll get pretty good cooking results. We cooked pork, fries, fish, and other ingredients on this range and firing it up didn’t take too long.

The Food was Cooked to Perfection (Sometimes)

Speaking of the food we cooked on this thing, most of the time it turned out great. From our experience, the fries were like a party in our mouths. Fish? This electric range could handle it no problem. We threw as much as we could at it: eggs, rice, and so much more.

But there were issues.

Because the range would take a while to warm up, it would get very tedious sometimes having to wait for the coils to turn orange. Not only that, but it was a bit of a learning curve getting used to the way GE and Hotpoint have configured their ranges out of the box. More on that later.

How About the Appearance?

We really liked the look and feel of this one. It was white all over, but with a glossy finish. It would fit nicely right at home with any appliances you have in your kitchen just like this already. For the money you’re paying, it’s a huge bargain, and often why you see this one on sale at a lot of big brand stores in the area. Sometimes, you’ll find this same range, but under the GE brand. Just know that it’s literally the same exact electric range, but with a different logo slapped on there. Thanks, Haier!

How Easy Is it to Clean a Hotpoint Electric Range?

It’s very simple. You just need to lift the coils gently, and they come right off. They are removable and then underneath, you can clean out all the grime and gunk. It was certainly much easier to deal with than the old GE electric range we had in our home for years. So GE / Hotpoint have certainly improved on things like ease of use for the consumer. We even got a nice manual from them included with this purchase, so that was nice.

What Else Do We Love About this Range?

Besides all this, we also did really like the switchable oven light feature, along with the bright red lights when we’d power this on. The real appeal of this electric range is the simplicity, and that’s where GE tends to excel with their products. And you get 1-year manufacturer OEM warranty from them, so that’s nice too. So if you ever have an issue, you can call GE directly with any issues. But in case they give you lip, just give us a call instead for any Hotpoint or GE appliance repair issues you might have, and we’ll check it out for you.

That brings us to the elephant in the room and why we decided to part ways with this range:


Yes – Sensi-Temp “Technology” – More Like a Giant Growing Pain!

The biggest thing that held us back from really loving this unit was the horrid Sensi-Temp technology these new ranges from GE and Hotpoint are built with now. We kept wondering why the coil rings would suddenly shut off for a few minutes and turn back on:

That Sensi-Temp technology is the culprit!

It’s so bad that tons of people have complained about this directly on GE’s YouTube channel and it’s been going on for over four years now! Just a small sample of the comments:

“I have all brand new pots and pans. Bottom is straight as an arrow. Water won’t boil continuously. Can’t keep grease and a temperature high enough to fry ANYTHING. It took me 45 minutes to make chicken fajitas and didn’t turn out the best because I couldn’t blacken any of it. I tried cooking bacon the other day and it pissed me off so bad I took the pan outside and cooked on the grill. I have cooked on many different stoves and this one is by far, no questions asked, is the worst stove I have ever cooked on. I love cooking but don’t want to anymore just thinking about this pathetic thing I call a stove. I have never in my life felt the need to leave a bad review but this threw me over the edge.”

“Another ‘solution’ to a non-existent problem.”

“These coils are the stupidest things I’ve ever encountered. How am I supposed to fry anything if the damn coil keeps turning off? I’ve literally been standing in my kitchen ruining chicken and fries for the past 2 hours.”

These are some of the angriest complaints GE has gotten about this issue ever since they introduced this feature to their ranges back in 2019. It doesn’t seem like the company has listened either. For now, this remains an issue on both new GE and Hotpoint electric ranges.

However, this feature is easy for an appliance tech to disable. There were even folks in the comments pointing out how it’s done. There’s also this great article on Good Money Sense on how to do this step-by-step.

But this is the balmiest part. GE should make a button or something so the customer can turn this feature on or off at their discretion.

If you are fine with this feature and want to leave it on, by all means, go ahead and buy one of these. But just something to be aware of. We have HVAC-certified techs at our store who can disconnect the wires from the sensor cap on these.

Our Verdict

7.5/10. It’s a decent electric range and very excellent for what you get, but the Sensi-Temp technology and the inability to turn it off yourself will be an issue for some. It certainly was for us, but other than that, it was a much better electric range than the previous one we had! But there are higher-end electric ranges with more modern features to consider as well if you have the money for those.

Conclusion – A Great Budget Appliance, but Sensi-Temp Complicates Things

In summary, we would still recommend this electric range but with a few caveats. You’re going to need to get ahold of an experienced tech to disable the infamous Sensi-Temp feature. And to be fair, there are people out there who don’t mind this feature at all, like this reviewer:

“Amazing, love the oven light. Very nice with the semi temp technology.”

If you’re not going to fry a lot of your food, we believe you can still cook great meals even with this technology in place. But if you are the kind of person who loves hot dogs, mozzarella sticks, French fries, fajitas, and other comfort food, you might want to look into alternatives. We are currently in the middle of reviewing a Whirlpool electric range that we now have for our home, so please check back for that upcoming review!

And for more great appliance buying guides, check out our blog. If you need your GE or Hotpoint appliance repaired here in Atlanta, we also got you covered! Thanks so much for reading today!