Normally, you’ll find many articles on the Internet telling you that coil electric range ovens are cheaper and better for this reason. But we are here to break the mold and give you all the specific disadvantages of not having a glass-top electric range for your home instead. They are all the rage, and you’ll find newer homes and apartments with them. Personally, we have been using a glass top electric range from Whirlpool for our home, and we can’t get enough of it.

So here’s what you’re missing out on not spending a few hundred extra dollars for an electric range with a glass or ceramic top:

1. Ease of Use with Cleaning and Maintenance

Let’s face it. Traditional coil range ovens are cumbersome and painful to clean out, even though you can remove the coils yourself. These coils wear out fast and you’ll be spending as much as $12 per coil replacement if not more. If you’re tired of constantly having to open these coils, clean the grime on the inside, and do this after cooking a meal or two, it’s time to consider an upgrade if you have the budget. We wish we had made the switch years ago after using coil-range electric ovens instead.

Also consider this:

• Just to clean a traditional coil range requires lots of soap and water along with a tough sponge.
• You’ll be spending more of your time scrubbing the inside and out of your coil range instead of cooking.
• If you neglect to clean your coil range, you risk running into problems with smoke or even worse – develop leaks!

For these reasons, traditional coil ranges aren’t that great for cleaning. They are a great budget option, but honestly, you can find better options if you have more money to burn. We will be making an article in the future praising coil electric ranges so you have a balanced perspective on the advantages and disadvantages of them.

If you are going to get a glasstop electric range, we also recommend this glass cleaner we use called Sprayway Stainless Steel. It won’t damage the glass and keeps everything in pristine condition:

2. A Prettier Looking Kitchen

Traditional coil range ovens are an eyesore compared to ones with a smooth glass or ceramic top. You can see how our kitchen was with the new coil range we had for a week, and then switching it out for the more expensive, yet exquisite Whirlpool range instead. The difference this will have on the look of your kitchen cannot be understated.

Hotpoint (RBS330DRWW) Electric Range Review

Take a chance, spend a little bit more, and you’ll get something you’ll actually have fun using. When your kitchen looks better, you’ll want to cook even more too. Many people on Reddit have even asked why coil ranges still exist, like this commenter:

“It drives me insane; I’ve always wanted to replace it but the house is getting sold so no point in replacing. It’s always dirty and I have to clean it even day.”

If this sounds like you, maybe it’s time for a change. Don’t be afraid to embrace the unknown. You never know what will happen until you try it.

3. Consistent Temperatures Throughout

With a glasstop electric range, you don’t have to wait as long for it to heat up. From our experience, even when our range lowers the temperature, it quickly rises and changes color in seconds. There is much more of an even, consistent temperature all around, so our food doesn’t get burned or undercooked. You can still cook great meals with a coil range electric oven, but it can be more of a hassle if yours takes too long to heat back up. This is another reason why we’ve fallen in love with our new glasstop electric range and won’t be going back to coil ranges soon.

4. Less Chipping to Worry About

Even with coil ranges, these can wear out over time and you’ll have to replace them. Since you are dealing with glass with the flatter tops, this tends to be far less of an issue if you gently clean yours. All it takes is a simple wipe-down, and you’re good to go for the next time you want to cook a meal. It’s this simplicity that makes glass top electric ranges such an appealing option for those who are able to afford them. Once you’ve had one for a while, you will immediately see the difference in terms of wear and tear in the long run.

5. Massive Energy Efficiency and Savings

Here’s another subtle benefit of switching to a glasstop electric range oven, especially one with built-in induction technology: energy efficiency! If you’re paying hundreds on your energy bills, it might be time to give one of these ovens a shot! It takes far less time to boil water with one of these and in a minute or two, you’ll be ready to dice your vegetables or boil soups. Whereas traditional coil ranges tend to take much longer to power up and consume much more energy. You’ll save about 12% by upgrading to an electric range with a smooth ceramic or glass top!

If you have even more money, induction cooktops and electric ranges are also great, but more expensive. These use a magnetic field to generate heat and have even more precise temperature control, but that might be a different article altogether.

How to Maintain Your Glass Top Electric Range Oven

As a reminder, make sure you’re wiping down the surface after each use to keep your electric range oven with glass top in good shape. Use microfiber cloth to prevent scratches from appearing. That’s the one big downside with glasstop electric ranges is they can be easily scratched compared to coil range ovens. But with proper maintenance, these can last for many years easily and still look great with the proper care involved. Here are five easy steps for easy maintenance and cleaning!

1. Daily Wipe-Downs After Use

After each cooking session, wait for the cooktop to cool down and then gently wipe it with a microfiber cloth. This will help remove any spills or residues before they harden and become more challenging to clean. Regular wiping prevents buildup and maintains the cooktop’s sleek appearance.

2. Use Appropriate Cleaners

For more thorough cleaning, use cleaners specifically designed for glass top stoves. These cleaners are formulated to effectively remove stains and spills without scratching the surface. Apply a small amount of the cleaner and use a soft cloth or sponge to clean the surface. Avoid using abrasive pads or harsh chemicals that can damage the glass.

3. Tackle Spills Immediately

If spills occur during cooking, especially dealing with sugary or acidic foods, tackle them as soon as the surface is cool enough to touch. These substances can cause discoloration or even pitting if left unattended. Use a designated cooktop scraper for tough residues, holding it at a 45-degree angle to gently scrape off the residue.

4. Use Your Cookware Wisely

Choose the right cookware for glass top ranges. Pans with smooth, flat bottoms are ideal as they make full contact with the cooktop for even heat distribution and reduce the risk of scratches. Avoid dragging pots and pans across the cooktop. Lift them instead to move.

5. Regular Deep Cleaning

Set a routine for deep cleaning your glass top range, perhaps once every week or two, depending on usage. For deep cleaning, use the recommended glass top stove cleaner along with a cooktop scraper for any stubborn spots. After applying the cleaner, buff the surface with a clean microfiber cloth to restore shine.

By following these steps, your glass top electric range will function optimally and retain its stylish and modern appearance for years to come.

The Downsides to Smooth Glass Top Electric Ranges

While glass top electric ranges offer so many advantages over coil ranges, there are several drawbacks to these you should consider before buying:
1. If you clean the surface too hard, you risk leaving lots of marks and scratches on the glass surface. Do not use Windex or any alcohol-based cleaners, as you will make the damage worse.
2. If you ever run into that problem, The glass top is more expensive to replace than coil ranges. In many cases, you can’t replace it and will have to buy another one. Make sure you have a manufacturer OEM warranty included with your purchase.
3. It can be very dangerous trying to replace the glass yourself. We do not recommend it, but if you need help with your electric range repair, check out our appliance repair services in Atlanta and save.

We know we have been very pro glass and ceramic top here on the blog, but we also want to offer a balanced perspective on the matter for those who are trying to compare/contrast.

Our Top Picks for the Best Smooth Glass Top Electric Ranges

In addition to the many benefits we’ve listed, we have five recommendations for great electric ranges with glass or ceramic tops to consider buying. We hope this list helps narrow your search to the best ranges for your home and kitchen:

LG Double Oven Electric Range

This LG model excels in versatility, with two ovens to cook dishes at different temperatures simultaneously. It includes high-wattage burners for speedy boiling and an Easy Clean function for hassle-free maintenance.

The range also boasts a large capacity, ideal for big meals. Touch buttons and stainless-steel knobs enable precise temperature control, adding to its sleek and user-friendly design.

Samsung Flex Duo Electric Range

Samsung’s Flex Duo range combines smart technology with adaptability. It can function as either a full oven or split into two independent ovens, each operating at separate temperatures.
The range is equipped with convection cooking, an air fry function, and multiple elements, including an Express Boil feature. Its smart technology allows for oven control via a smart device or voice command.

KitchenAid Slide-In Convection Range

The KitchenAid range offers a blend of aesthetics and functionality. It features EvenHeat convection for consistent cooking and a spacious oven with a steam rack.
This model has a 5-burner stovetop and offers smooth controls. The design is perfect for those who value performance and style in their kitchen appliances and want something more out of their cooking game.

GE Slide-In Electric Range

GE’s model includes innovative features like an integrated air fryer and convection oven. It has a sleek slide-in design that fits seamlessly with kitchen countertops and cabinets.
The range is Wi-Fi-equipped, allowing control through smart devices. It also features dual burners and a power-boil option, adding versatility to cooking methods. It’s a great option for those who want more technology packed into their cooking experience.

Whirlpool Glass Top Electric Range

This is the one we are currently using, and we love it the best! Whirlpool’s glass top range has everything you need for maximum efficiency and ease of use. It features a smooth cooktop surface, simplifying cleaning and maintenance. Here at Suwanee Appliance Garage, we are huge Whirlpool advocates. We recommend checking out one of the articles we wrote on the company for more information.

The range includes multiple cooking elements and offers intuitive controls for precise temperature management. Its modern design enhances the kitchen’s overall look, making it a practical and stylish choice for home cooks.

Each of these glass top ranges offers unique benefits, from smart technology and dual ovens to efficient cleaning and precise temperature control, catering to various cooking preferences and kitchen styles.


Electric ranges with glass or ceramic tops are much easier to clean than traditional coil ranges. Moreover, you’ll be cooking much faster and with fewer wait times. Sure, they are more expensive new, but if you have a higher budget, we recommend them over coil ranges. If you are more budget conscious and don’t want all these fancy new features, coil ranges are still perfectly fine for everyday use. We are speaking to those who want to try something new and get even more out of their stove.

At some point, it’s more about finding the best electric range for your lifestyle and the food you will prepare. Compare the pros and cons of each type of electric range and make an informed decision. And have the salesman test out the range in front of you as you’re doing research.

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